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Toy Soldier Campaign

To fund the Museum's operations, we commissioned the Toy Soldier Brigade. Each enlistee is asked to make a four-year pledge of support to the Children's Museum. In our first year, we recruited Generals ($1000), Majors ($500), and Captains ($250) to the Brigade.

​Thank you to our current Toy Soldier Brigade Members!


Beverly Fitch-McCarthy
Iacopi, Lenz and Company

​$1000 (General)

Diane Batres
Patricia Busher 
Mary "Mimi" Dutton Eberhardt 
Mary Elizabeth Eberhardt
Lester Fleming 
Merrill Hambright
Michael Haley, SOOPCO
Duane Isetti
Patrick and Marggie Johnston
Don and Susan Lenz 
Leticia Robles, Pacific Homecare Services
John and Francesca Vera 

​$500 (Major)

Gay Calosso
Clarence and Sandra Chan 
Sara Garfield, TLC Foundation for the Homeless
Dean and Kathleen Janssen
Ted and Stephanie Leland 
Dave and Sherry Leonard
David and Babs Silva, Silva Trucking 
Steve and Chris Werner, Werner Properties

$250 (Captain)

Chuck and Carol Bloch 
Steve and Leslie Ann Brown 
Michael Bullard and Leslie Weiss 
Andrew Chelsey, San Joaquin Council of Government
Diane Denero 
Joe Dietrich, F.J. Dietrich Co.
Paul and Dianne Feist
Tom and Marlene Guiliano
Derek Isetti
Gabriela Jaurequi
Kroloff, Belcher, Smart, Perry & Christopherson
Barry and Barbara McCandless 
Cheryl Meeker-Mau
Chester Murphy
John and Melinda Niemi
Gary and Linda Spaugh
Marty and Bev Thorpe
Mark and Kristine Tollini
Peter Tuxen
Michael Bullard and Leslie Weiss
Alan Young


Consider joining the Charge of the Toy Soldiers Brigade.

Your pledges help the Children's Museum to provide a safe, fun and educational facility for our children.

​For more information, please contact us!
Phone: (209) 465-4386